A STORY. (It is a lesson of housekeeping at school

(It is a lesson of housekeeping at school. The teacher Miss Smith is showing the fashion magazine for teen-agers to the schoolchildren and telling them how to cut and sew garments.)

Dear girls, here is a fashion plate for you where you can choose any style you wish for winter, spring and autumn wear. When you choose a style, you have to think about the occasion when you are going to wear the dress and since these occasions may be various, it is very handy to make a two- or three-piece suit, because then you have all kinds A STORY. (It is a lesson of housekeeping at school of combinations. You may wear a skirt with some woolen things such as a pull-over or a sweater or a knitted blouse.

It is stylish to change collars in your blouses or jackets if the style of the jacket permits it, of course. If the skirt is a narrow tailored skirt you can certainly change nothing in it. But if it is a wide full skirt you can change belts or pockets to match it. Here is a fine style for such wear. You can have it both for everyday wear and for dress occasions. As you see A STORY. (It is a lesson of housekeeping at school, here very much attention is given to the combination of colours. If your skirt is in blue, your stockings, shoes and other accessories must be either in grey or in red, though nowadays they suggest green as a matching colour for blue. If you want to have an evening dress, black is the most popular colour. Here is a fine black dress made of velvet, very exclusively decorated with embroidered cuffs and a ribbon band. What is good in this fashion magazine, it is the cuts. The dress consists at the utmost of four cuts; it is ever A STORY. (It is a lesson of housekeeping at school so easy to sew. If I can sew, you can sew. Thank you.

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